Best Project Based 6 Months Industrial Training in Robotics & Robotics Industrial Training Institute in Gwalior

Best Project based 6 Months Industrial Training on Robotics in Gwalior
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APTRON Gwalior provides real-time and placement focused project based 6 months Robotics Industrial training in Gwalior. Our six months Robotics certification course includes basic to advanced level and our 6 months Robotics industrial training course in Gwalioris designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in gwalior as quickly as once you complete the Robotics training course. Our Robotics trainers are Robotics certification certified experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple Robotics projects knowledge.We have designed our Robotics course content and syllabus based training on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our Robotics training program, you will learn Components of a Robotics, Embedded system verview, Basic machine concepts, Embedded Linux, Robotics real time project and Robotics certification placement training.

Robotics is the science that found applications in all kinds of works, including electronics, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, automation, medical, and more. Robotics This training program focuses on developing the skills of working on embedded systems using Robotics. Aspirants will learn about the use of technology in combination with different microprocessors and programming languages.

APTRON offers 6 months robotics industrial training in Gwalior location with AVR, ARM7 & Robotics is a training program for the candidates having a background in electronics. This program is comprised of six different modules focusing on important aspects of embedded systems with robotics. Aspirants will start learning the structured way of writing codes and creating interfaces using Embedded C. Introduction to Robotics will be the next phase of learning; explaining about controllers, locomotion, and constituents of autonomous robots. Moving ahead, the trainees will apply the concepts of robotics with different microcontrollers namely ATMEGA16 (AVR) and Philips LPC21XX (ARM). The program also explains how to use Robotics and SIMULINK. The training program is incomplete without the projects. To make the candidates industry-ready, different projects ranging from fundamental to innovative ideas are created.

APTRON's Project-based 6 Months Industrial Training in Robotics Covers the Following Modules

Industrial Training in Robotics is a modular 6 months course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in Robotics comprises:

    Module 01: Itroduction to Embedded System

  • Introduction to the command line
  • Embedded system verview
  • Embedded systems and design
  • Basic machine concepts
  • Module 02: Microcontrollers - I

  • Design philosophies
  • Applications of a microcontroller
  • Microcontroller 8051
  • Module 03: Microcontrollers - II

  • Programmable interface controller
  • Interfacing devices
  • Module 04: Embedded Systems with c

  • C and data structures
  • Embedded
  • Module 05: Embedded Linux

  • Basic of Linux
  • Module 06: Embedded OS

  • Basics of operating system
  • Posix
  • Rtos
  • RT Linux
  • Module 07: Embedded Robotics

  • Robotics
  • Applications of robotics
  • Module 08: Robotics AVR

  • AVR
  • Hardware description of AVR
  • AVR on chip
  • Module 09: Robotics ARM

  • Introduction to arm processor
  • Type of ARM

6 Months Based Projects List in Robotics Technologies

  • DTMF Controlled Robot without Microcontroller
  • Microcontroller Based Line Following Robot
  • War Field Spying Robot With Night Vision Wireless Camera
  • PC Controlled Human Detection Robot
  • GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot
  • Metal Detector Robot Using Microcontroller
  • Design of Rescue Robot and Pipeline Inspection Using Zigbee
  • MEMS Sensors Controlled Haptic Forefinger Robotic Aid
  • Mobile Robot Navigation System with RFID and Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Design of an Unmanned Vehicle using a GSM Network with Microcontrollers
  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Android Smart Phone
  • Autonomous Farming Robot with Plant Health Indication
  • Implementation of Land Survey Robot
  • Automatic Fire Sensing and Extinguishing Robot
  • Automatic Wall Paining Robot
  • Design of GPS-Guided Mobile Robot
  • A Microcontroller Based Four Fingered Robotic Hand
  • Autonomous Surveillance Robot with Path Tracking Capability
  • Autonomous Surveillance Robot with Path Tracking Capability
  • Remote Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Vehicle

APTRON Project Based 6 Months Trainig Course duration for Robotics Technologies in Gwalior

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)



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APTRON 6 Months based Robotics Training in Gwalior

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6 Months Industrial Training in Robotics Gwalior Reviews

Project Based 6 Months Robotics Industrial Training in Gwalior
Reviewed by
Shiv Pratap
APTRON is offering Robotics training and placement aid. I was placed instantly after completing the Robotics course training. Thanks Shiv Pratap from Gwalior.

5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent
6 Months Robotics Industrial Training in Gwalior with live Project
Reviewed by
Devendra Singh
Robotics Project based 6 months training facilities in APTRON training is really good. I am happy that I have selected APTRON for my Robotics guidance in Gwalior.

5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent
6 Months Robotics Industrial Training Institute in Gwalior
Reviewed by
Sanjay Rathi
APTRON training offers 6 Months Training on Robotics with live project in Gwalior, if you think for Robotics, then join only APTRON training institute.

4/5 4 Star Rating: Excellent
6 Months Robotics Industrial Training Course in Gwalior
Reviewed by
Gaurav Kumar
APTRON is the best for project based 6 months training in Robotics by Gwalior Center. APTRON training has finest Robotics certification trainers in Gwalior. I did my Robotics placement training in Gwalior. I will recommend APTRON training for others.

4/5 4 Star Rating: Excellent
6 Months Robotics Industrial Training classes in Gwalior
Reviewed by
Manish Nota
Few times back, I have taken Robotics certification training class in Gwalior within couple of days my Robotics skills got better.

5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent
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